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June 2016 Models of practice in art and commissioning

Organisational arrangements which are helping arts organisations engage in commissioning

Jessica Harris, Cultural Commissioning Programme Manager, NCVO
cc jessica harris
May 2016 Effective outcomes for people and communities

Benefits for commissioners from working with arts have been highlighted in Pilot schemes in Kent and Gloucestershire

Jessica Harris
March 2016 Developing a narrative for people, communities and place

How arts organisations can present their offer more effectively to public service commissioners

Jessica Harris
Feb 2016 When worlds collide

Bringing the worlds of arts and health together

Andrew Holden, Activist Group

Jan 2016 The contribution of arts in whole system approaches Andrew Holden
Nov 2015 Prescribing the arts for better health

Opportunities and challenges for arts organisations interested in delivering ‘on prescription’ schemes

Jessica Harris
Sep 2015 Adding years to life and life to years 

How activities like dancing and singing can help maintain older people’s quality of life and independence

Jessica Harris
July 2015 Policies for the people

What would public services look like if we used wellbeing evidence to inform policy-making?

Jessica Harris
June 2015 Use art programmes to treat long term conditions 

Using the arts to support people with long term conditions

Jessica Harris
April 2015 Who are the commissioners

Who are commissioners of public services are, where to find them and how arts and cultural organisations can best talk to them

Linden Rowley, Linden Rowley Ltd
Linden Rowley 2015 1
March 2015 A commissioner's views on priorities and opportunities: Christian Markandu, Commissioner for Adult Social Care, Tri-borough

Priorities for commissioning for an adult social care service and opportunities for arts and cultural organisations.

Linden Rowley
Jan 2015 Demonstrating impact

Types of evidence that commissioners want how arts and cultural organisations can provide it

Jessica Harris
Nov 2014 Getting to grips with commissioning

Understanding the outcomes commissioners are looking for

Jessica Harris

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April 2017 Commissioning libraries to improve public health Sue Williamson
sue williamson
Dec 2016 A local authority that has taken arts to its heart Jessica Harris
cc jessica harris
July 2016 Cultural Commissioning Programme: Sharing the learning Jessica Harris
Dec 2015 Creative approaches to dementia care Des Kelly OBE
Des Kelly OBE
Nov 2015 How arts and culture can work with public services Julia Slay, NEF
cc julia slay
Oct 2015 Creative approaches to delivering the Care Act

How people have been getting support from non-traditional providers

Lucie Stephens, NEF
cc lucie stephens

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June 2016  Using arts and cultural organisations within a social model of support for people living with mental health challenges

Video Q&A

Jason Joseph, Commissioning Manager, Suffolk County Council
jason joseph

May 2016 How commissioning arts and cultural activities can help with people’s health and wellbeing

Video Q&A

Janet Probert, Chief Officer, NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby Clinical Commissioning Group
janet probert

Jan 2016 The value that commissioning arts and culture brings

Emma Hanson, Head of Strategic Commissioning Adult Community Support, Kent County Council
Emma Hanson bw
Sep 2015 Role of academia in helping the value of arts and cultural providers be recognised as commissioners

Written Q&A

Professor Norma Daykin, University of Winchester
cc norma daykin

Sep 2015 How can arts organisations provide evidence of their impact on health outcomes Professor Stephen Clift, Director, Sydney de Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Canterbury Christchurch University
Stephen APL3780 1
May 2015 What are commissioners looking for and how do they work? Gary Wallace, Senior specialist drugs and alcohol team manager, Plymouth City Council
March 2015  What sort of evidence of impact do commissioners want?

Dr Shirley Woods-Gallagher, Manchester City Council
Shirley Woods Gallagher

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