NCVO strongly believes that the type of funding organisations receive is critical to allow them to be strategic and pursue their mission. We call our approach ‘Sustainable Funding’. The approach reduces exposure to risk and gives organisations back a sense of control of their own future.

Sustainable funding supports organisations to understand what mix of income is going to be:

  • suitable for their organisation
  • sufficient for their needs
  • stable to support strategic planning.

Sustainable funding is based in fundraising and income generation, but with strong links to strategy and governance, financial management, impact, marketing and communications. Raising the right money, at the right time and in the right way is fundamental to what it is to be a charity or voluntary sector organisation, and it is this breadth of disciplines that makes the approach so at home in NCVO.

Are you seeking sustainable funding?

We provide a range of pioneering tools, training, consultancy and resources that encourage and enable voluntary and community organisations to develop and implement a sustainable income strategy. NCVO member organisations benefit from discounts on some of our resources. Not an NCVO member? Find out more about NCVO membership.

Information and guidance

NCVO Knowhow Nonprofit is our main advice and support website and the ‘go to’ place for social learning in the voluntary sector. You'll find anything from expert advice and top tips to bite-sized how-to guides and online training courses in Studyzone (free for NCVO members).

View our sustainable funding resources on Knowhow.

Our funding publications include The Good Guide to Financial Management, The Art of Raising Money and The Good Guide To Trading. Take a look at all our funding publications.

NCVO’s policy work has been instrumental in advocating improvements in funding for the sector. Read about our policy and research on funding and finance.

The UK Civil Society Almanac contains information about the voluntary sector's funding.

Training and events

The NCVO Certificate in Financial Sustainability is our flagship OCN accredited programme providing support for senior managers and CEOs as they develop their sustainable funding strategy. Sitting between training and consultancy, it provides a really cost effective way to gain key knowledge, skills and create a workable strategy, which we will then review before you submit it to your board.

NCVO members receive a 30% discount.

Take a look at our training and events listing to see all our courses.

If you have several people from your organisation who would like to attend a course then it may be more cost-effective to run the course in-house. We are also able to adapt courses for group needs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Funding Central

Funding Central provides low-cost access to thousands of the latest funding and finance opportunities from European, national, regional and local government as well as from charitable sources. 

Consultancy support

If you would like to work directly with our sustainable funding experts, then get in touch with our consultancy service. As well as being fundraisers and funding strategists, our consultants work in cross-discipline teams. This allows projects to evolve and draw on different subjects and backgrounds. We offer bespoke projects and facilitation, as well as lighter touch health checks and organisational strength reviews.

Trusted Suppliers

Raising IT provides web and social media tools to help radically reduce the cost of marketing and build the long-term value of donors.

Look at all our marketing and finance suppliers.

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