Feedback from 'A Day in the Life' 2015/16

We ran an evaluation survey for participants of the 2015/16 scheme.

Of the government respondents whose shadowing day took place:

  • 93% felt that their department should take part in the scheme this year
  • 97% felt that taking part had improved their knowledge of how the voluntary sector works
  • 97% felt that the programme was very or quite worthwhile
  • 75% felt that it let them raise awareness of what their own organisation does.

Of the voluntary sector respondents whose shadowing day took place:

  • 96% felt that the programme was very or quite worthwhile
  • 91% felt that taking part had increased their knowledge of how a government department operates on a day-to-day basis
  • 85% felt that their organisation should take part in the scheme this year
  • 69% felt that it gave them the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of their work to government.

Feedback from government department staff

'I thought that it was well run and provided and alternative way to develop my leadership skills'

'I thought it was brilliant, it’s great to see how other organisations work and see their perception of your business and it’s a brilliant vehicle to do this'

'This is a useful scheme which enables civil servants to find out how voluntary organisations work and what issues they face that are different to our own. It also offers the opportunity to display our skills and knowledge'

'It’s a great opportunity to take a step back and see what we do well and what practices we can share, what makes the organisation unique. I enjoyed visiting my partner organisation- it was great to see how smaller NGOs organise themselves and it was interesting to hear what challenges they face and what techniques they use to overcome it'

'The main highlight was speaking with people within a very different organisation but realising there are common challenges facing both the public and the third sector'

'Interesting and useful for me to increase my understanding of the sector'

Feedback from voluntary sector staff

'I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to people who want to step outside of their usual environment and see how another organisation and team works'

'I found this experience to be very useful as it allowed me an insight into how a government organisation is structured and works: it was also a good opportunity for me to meet with new people. Overall, I really enjoyed and valued this opportunity, and would highly recommend others to look into taking part in the 2017 “ A Day In The Life”.'

'I learnt how civil servants were able to feedback to ministers the everyday reality of people’s lives. I had observed good management practices, and was left to consider what I could learn'

'It was an experience I won’t forget, and I have probably mentioned things I learned during my shadowing day in a dozen other conversations with colleagues and friends'

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