Challenges for charities

  • Under constant pressure to reduce costs?
  • Facing increased demand for your services without the corresponding increase in funds available? 
  • Concerned that your organisation is not efficient enough to win a vital service contract?

How NCVO consultancy can help

To secure a sustainable future for your charity it will be necessary to innovate, to challenge and think differently about how your services are delivered and ask how efficiencies will be delivered which enhance and don’t destroy capability.

NCVO understands the voluntary sector as we have 12 years of research informing us and decades of policy work with our members to help us identify the challenges and a range of improvement tools available. We can help you negotiate the minefield of management jargon to successfully change and improve your charity. 


Systematic approaches

Having an easy to understand methodology is vital for innovation and continuous improvement. Our 5D methodology incorporates the best practices of removing waste (LEAN) and improving consistency (Sigma)

LEAN process change

In many service processes, as much as 90% of the time and effort consumed does not directly provide value to the end user or beneficiary. LEAN is a methodology that focuses on reducing this waste and can change organisational efficiency and effectiveness

We take your team through a five step programme:

  1. Map the current process
  2. Identify and prioritise areas of process waste
  3. Re-design the process to eliminate waste
  4. Complete a cost/benefit analysis
  5. Plan and implement the desired changes

Improving consistency

There are times when ‘free thinking’ is what you need. At other times, however, it can lead to different ways of doing the same task and introducing inconsistency in the way services are delivered. We help you to understand the causes of inconsistency and make the right decisions to reduce unnecessary variation in the way you and your people work.

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