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Volunteering Information Sheets: Health and safety for volunteers

Author: NCVO
Publication date: 01-11-2014
Edition: 2
ISBN: Vol. res 04
Publisher: NCVO
Number of pages: 12
Format: PDF
NCVO Members Only: NCVO Member Only
Volunteering Information Sheets: Health and safety for volunteers

The legal obligations of organisations towards their volunteers with regard to health and safety are less clear than they are for employees. Nevertheless, organisations do have legal obligations towards their volunteers, and it's good practice to treat volunteers with equal consideration when it comes to health and safety.

This Information Sheet has been written for organisations that involve volunteers. It's not a full account of such duties and responsibilities, but is intended to help organisations think through their responsibilities.

This Information Sheet covers:

  • the common law 'duty of care'
  • health and safety legislation
  • basic principles of health and safety
  • considerations when working in partnership with other organisations

Organisations are strongly recommended to seek further advice in addition to this Information Sheet.

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