A4: We need to talk about mergers

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One element of a board's role is to ensure its organisation's relevance and consider whether its beneficiaries are still best served by that organisation standing alone, or whether their beneficiaries can be more effectively and efficiently serviced by another means - perhaps through a network, a consortium or a merger.

Even if it doesn't feel likely, as a board member, it can be important to have considered these scenarios and planned for the different options before they become a necessity and rather than when a merger is the only option left.

Drawing on real-life case studies from charity leaders that have been through mergers, this workshop will help charity trustees to better understand:

  • why they should be thinking about merging
  • why trustees find the idea of merging challenging
  • the key steps to a successful merger
  • what can go wrong
  • what legal responsibilities the board has
  • where ideally to place the boundary between board and senior team to ensure a smooth process.

Speakers will be announced in due course.

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