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Campaigning and lobbying

Publications to help you understand more about how to run an effective campaign.

Campaigning for Success

A practical guide that looks at how to run a successful campaign, and how to cope if you achieve your campaign goal.

£ 11.50
Campaigning in Collaboration

Practical lessons from the experiences of voluntary organisations who have campaigned together.

£ 11.50
Good Guide to Campaigning and Influencing

Everything you need to know about the stages of a campaigns cycle, from analysis and planning, to delivery and evaluation.


£ 25.00
Is Your Campaign Making a Difference?

A guide to how campaign monitoring and evaluation can, if implemented well, become a powerful tool for social and political change.

£ 14.50
Lobbying Act template board paper

This template board paper sets out the legal requirements of the Lobbying Act and what you need to consider in your planned campaign activity during the regulated


£ 6.98
Report of the Inquiry into Charity Senior Executive Pay and Guidance for Trustees on Setting Remuneration

The Inquiry's task was to assist charity trustees in exercising their responsibility for setting the pay of their senior executives.

The Road Ahead

Our annual review of the forces and trends that will shape the future of the voluntary sector.

Trustee Recruitment for Small Organisations

Developed with small voluntary organisations in mind, this guide will help you find, recruit, induct and keep trustees.

£ 12.00
Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit (resource pack)

A downloadable resource pack that accompanies the Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit.

£ 30.00
Volunteering Information Sheets: Disclosure and Barring Service


This information sheet covers the purpose of a DBS check, how to work out when one is needed, and what constitutes 'Regulated Activity'.

The sheet also provides practical information on how to get a DBS check and how to make volunteering easy and safe.



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