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Governance and trustees

Better Communication = Better Governance

A guide to the board's role in effective communication within an organisation and externally, and the resulting influence on performance.

£ 10.00
Code of Good Governance

Best-practice principles for trusteeship.

£ 5.00
Good Governance

A detailed guide to the roles and responsibilies of trustees, chairs and chief executives, and how they can best work together.

£ 25.00
Good Practice in Trustee Recruitment (Toolkit)

Practical advice for those recruiting and working with trustees.

£ 12.00
Good Trustee Guide

A comprehensive guide to the role of a trustee, ideal for both new board members and long-serving trustees.

£ 30.00
Governance Wheel

The Governance Wheel is a quick and helpful way for boards of voluntary organisations to get a sense of how well they function and fulfil their roles.

Guide to Insuring Your Voluntary Organisation

A guide to what insurance is most commonly available and which is most relevant to you.

The Road Ahead

Our annual review of the forces and trends that will shape the future of the voluntary sector.

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