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True Colours

Uncovering the full value of your organisation

Author: Jake Eliot and Richard Piper
Publication date: 03-05-2008
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-0-7199-1753-0
Publisher: NCVO
Number of pages: 70
Format: Paperback
NCVO Members Only:
True Colours

This guide will help voluntary sector leaders and managers appreciate the broader value of their organisation and communicate it to others.

It explains how telling true stories about your organisation's success can help you improve its potential to make a difference.

True Colours includes exercises to help you identify your 'full value' and communicate it to different audiences.

It also compares the concepts of 'full value' and 'added value', and considers how voluntary sector organisations can best play a role in public service delivery.

Feedback for True Colours

'NCVO’s helpful publication True Colours explains how you can calculate every possible ounce of value.'

Daniel Currie, independent consultant and Chief Executive, St Giles Trust, 200007

'NCVO’s full value model is a simple way of thinking about and communicating the total impact that your organisation has on the world. I liked it because it’s less focused on quantifying everything and more on getting better at understanding our impact and how to communicate it to the right people.'

Beth Longstaff, Research and Policy Officer, Community Development Exchange

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