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Art of Raising Money

Author: Professor Ian Bruce CBE
Publication date: 21-09-2010
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-0-7199-1802-5
Publisher: NCVO
Number of pages: 45
Format: Paperback
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Art of Raising Money

It's time to break down boundaries: if your organisation thinks that marketing is just advertising, PR and selling, then this publication will change your mind.

Theories and techniques developed in the commercial world will help you to transform your fundraising and income generation so that it is sustainable, integrated and rewarding. The ideas and tools in this fun and engaging publication are as relevant to income from donations as to contracts or trading, and are suitable for anyone who is unfamiliar with marketing theory and who needs to raise funds.

The Art of Raising Money is first and foremost a practical book – easy to read and split into bite-sized sections, it addresses:

  • what to do first if you need to raise funds urgently
  • how to choose new methods for income generation and consider the return on investment they are likely to give you
  • how to apply marketing theory to your chosen income generation methods to make them sustainable.

The Art of Raising Money is written by Professor Ian Bruce CBE, who founded the nonprofit management centre at City University's Cass Business School (Cass CCE), where he specialises in strategy and marketing of fundraising, services and campaigning.

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