NCVO directors

Karl Wilding

Karl Wilding, Director of Public Policy and Volunteering 

Karl leads NCVO's volunteering and public policy work. He speaks and writes widely on issues facing the voluntary sector, including public trust, the role of modern charity, and the future of giving and social action. He is an advisor to Charity Bank, a trustee of US voluntary organisation Creating the Future, and a trustee of St Albans Centre for Voluntary Service.

Richard WilliamsRichard Williams, Director of Enterprise and Development

Richard's brief includes consultancy, training, membership, marketing events and business development, and the development of new products and services that benefit civil society. Richard has worked in the voluntary sector for over 30 years and focused on youth enterprise, unemployment measures, environmental issues, income generation, partnership development, and diversity.

Richard is a trustee of the Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust and an ambassador for The Conservation Volunteers. He is a non-executive director of Trustees Unlimited and CaSE Insurance, both NCVO collaborative ventures, and non-executive director of NCVO Trading Ltd. Richard is the founder of the Business Launchpad, formerly the Wandsworth Youth Enterprise Centre.

susan cordingleySusan Cordingley, Director of Planning and Resources

Susan is responsible for the organisation's planning and financial management, the provision of internal services, and supporting the governance of NCVO. She leads on NCVO's fifth Strategic Aim, to be a sustainable and socially responsible organisation.

Susan is a Chartered Accountant and has an MBA from London Business School. She has recently returned to NCVO, having worked for the organisation fourteen years ago in a similar role. Susan also spent time in a senior management role at Guide Dogs for The Blind, before taking a career break to bring up her children, during which time she was treasurer and trustee for a number of charities. Susan is a non-executive director of NCVO Trading Ltd and company secretary of NCVO.

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