Members' Assembly

The Assembly complements the work of the NCVO trustee board, representing NCVO members and involving them in the work of NCVO by:

  • contributing to the development of new and emerging thinking on public policy issues
  • providing input, information and advice as public policy positions are developed.

Being part of the Assembly is an inspiring and empowering experience. The Assembly works to capture and harness the immense knowledge and skills which lie within the sector, using a range of innovative and modern techniques.

The Assembly considers, debates and advises the trustee board on policy matters and wider issues affecting the sector. The Members' Assembly cannot instruct the trustee board but the trustee board is committed to considering the full views expressed by the Members' Assembly as they represent the views of our members.

Meetings in 2016-17

15 June 2017 Liverpool How the new parliament can help you achieve your goals
28 February 2017 Cambridge The future of charity governance
21 November 2016 London, NCVO The future of charity governance. NCVO’s annual general meeting will be held alongside this meeting
23 September 2016 Leeds Implications of Brexit
22 June 2016 Bristol Road ahead for voluntary organisations
11 March 2016 London, NCVO Campaigning and the voice of the sector

NCVO members can listen to a recording of the last Members' Assembly in London.


The fifty members of the Assembly are elected from NCVO's membership.

The meeting will be chaired by a trustee, however no trustees of NCVO are members of the Assembly, but they are encouraged to attend the meetings.

Assembly members are elected for terms of three years and may stand for one further term of three years. Members cannot be reappointed without having spent at least one year out of office.

If an Assembly member remains a representative of a member organisation and has been a regular attendee at Assembly meetings, they will be offered a second term of three years automatically and without seeking re-election.

The role of Assembly members

Assembly members are expected to engage in discussion and debate at meetings of the Assembly, informed by the role they play within the voluntary sector. Meetings of the Assembly will be conducted using a range of methods, including digital ones, to make it easier for all voices to be heard. We aim to be innovative and inclusive.

There will be four Assembly meetings each year, held in different locations, aiming to reach all nine regions in just over two years. The meetings will each focus on the same set of topical issues to ensure all regions get an equal say in shaping our work.

Becoming a member of the Assembly

We want our Assembly to reflect the diversity of our members. In 2016 we are, however, looking for members with experience or regional links in:

  • education, employment and training, research
  • international activities
  • health
  • social services
  • eastern
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire and Humberside

Application packs

Application packs are normally sent by email to all qualifying member organisations to nominate candidates. For 2016 the elections are held between July and August with successful candidates being announced at the Annual General Meeting held on the 21 November 2016.

If you would like to confirm the nominated contact for your organisation, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 020 7520 2414.

Updates from the Members' Assembly

In November 2014, our Trustee Board, after listening very carefully to feedback from Assembly members about Assembly meeting and elections, decided to keep elected members of the Assembly. But, it was decided that Assembly members will be elected “on a slate” rather than by electoral college.

We believe this will increase the available pool of applicants. The Nominations Committee will have a duty to review the make-up of the existing members before going out for nominations and seek to encourage applicants from under represented areas or themes.

All meetings of the Assembly will continue to be open to all members, as this helps to encourage a diversity of views and attendees and each Assembly meeting will be chaired by an NCVO trustee (but not necessarily the chair), to ensure a strong link is maintained between the Assembly and the Trustee Board.

Meetings will be split into two sections:

  • exploration of an issue that the NCVO policy team want feedback on
  • issues of local relevance to where the meeting takes place.

Lunch and an opportunity to network will be provided.

Contact us

Should you have any enquiries about the Member's Assembly please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

22 June 2016

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