Raising awareness of testicular cancer

It’s On the Ball – raising awareness of testicular cancer, supporting patients & families affected by the disease.
South East

Contact: Vince Wolverson
chairman@itsontheball.org; 07919025475

Testicular Cancer mainly affects young men in the 15 – 35 age group. Men of all ages need to be made aware of the signs & symptoms of the disease and know how to check themselves. If detected in it’s early stages, treatment is successful in 98% of cases.
It’s On the Ball delivers awareness talks in schools, colleges, sports clubs and places of work, and conducts awareness campaigns throughout the year. They also offer practical, financial, and psychological assistance to patients and their families.
A number of men have reported that they have discovered the symptoms of Testicular Cancer after seeing one of their awareness campaigns, and have been subsequently successfully treated. One man had a pint of their ‘Tobi’s Tipple’ beer in his local pub, and saw one of their posters in the toilets – he followed the advice and discovered he had Testicular Cancer.

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