Clamping down on super-yacht plastic pollution

Clear Ocean Pact – reducing the superyacht industry’s dependency on single-use plastic 

Social enterprise

South West. Operating in Spain (Barcelona, Majorca), Monaco (Cote d’Azur,) Italy, US (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Contact Kailey Nolan; +44(0)7939268164

Clear Ocean Pact launched ‘The Pact’ to unite the superyacht industry behind a common set of pledges. They aim to get 1000 superyachts to sign up to five pledges by 2020. These are based on what have been identified as the most problematic causes of single-use plastic waste within the superyacht industry today and will evolve over time. The pledges are:

1. To avoid any use of plastic bottled drinking water onboard.

2. To filter and safely dispose of all washing machine microplastic waste.

3. To eliminate the use of all single-use plastic items with readily available alternatives, starting with the items due to be banned by the EU in 2021. (Plastic cotton buds, cutlery, plates, straws, drink-stirrers and balloon sticks)

4. To reduce the use of single-use plastic toiletries onboard.

5. To actively source provisions with low single-use plastic footprint packaging

By early 2019, 28 out of 1000 yachts have adopted the PACT. Clear Ocean Pact say that in just 3 months, the mindset of the superyachting industry (nationally and internationally) towards single-use plastic consumption is radically changing.

They also work with suppliers and designers to promote viable alternatives such as filtered portable water sources to replace the need for plastic bottles (a potential saving of 300kg of waste single-use plastic from every yacht, ever year). And they lead on beach clean-up initiatives internationally to support communities in clearing their plastic waste and raising awareness of this issue.

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