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What is Constructive Voices?

Are you working on a news story or feature, and want a fresh angle that gives your report an evidence-based, constructive twist? Do you want to cover how innovative work is changing lives, or find an original interviewee who can throw light on an issue you’re investigating? Constructive Voices can help you. We’re building a resource of interesting case studies of important, positive work that's going on in a diverse range of areas.

This is not intended to be about feel-good stories or PR puff pieces, but evidence-based solutions to significant, pressing social problems.

Constructive Voices also advocates constructive journalism – a more solutions-focused approach to news coverage, which is being embraced by an increasing number of news organisations such as the BBC, Guardian and Huffington Post.

Evidence shows that the public are turned off by negative news and young people in particular want reporters to examine solutions as well as problems. Audiences are more likely to stick with news outlets that provide this type of coverage, and to share these types of stories on social media. They’re also better for advertisers, as it’s been shown that readers are more likely to purchase a product if its ads are next to a positive rather than a negative news story.

As Bas Mesters, the Dutch pioneer of constructive journalism said:

‘In journalism we have to add a sixth element to the five known ‘W’s: Who, What, Where, Why and When. It is: “What now?”’

How can Constructive Voices help me?

Constructive Voices is a service that can:

  • connect you quickly and easily with relevant case studies and interviewees to add a constructive twist to your coverage
  • keep you informed about the valuable solutions generated by charities, social enterprises and other organisations offering ideas for potential stories or angles
  • tell you more about constructive journalism and how it can be bring a fresh dimension to your reporting.

To sign up, fill in our short form. We'll send you email updates with story leads, case studies and more information about constructive journalism. You'll also be able to contact us for help finding experts and interviewees.

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What else can I do?

  • Follow @ConstructiveVox on Twitter. We’ll be flagging up constructive case studies and encouraging solutions-providers to tweet about their positive impact 
  • Register with CharityComms' AskCharity service. This service also offers access to useful case studies and contacts

Find out more

You can read more about constructive journalism in this Huffington Post blog by NCVO's media coordinator Giselle Green.

Constructive Voices advisory board

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