NCVO Membership Criteria

To be eligible for membership of NCVO your organisation must meet the following criteria:

  1. It must be a self-governing body of people who have joined together voluntarily to take action for the benefit of the community, and established otherwise than for financial gain.

  2. While it does not have to be a registered charity, the aims, objectives and methods of working of your organisation must be written down in a publicly available document. Your organisation should be open to all members of the community with interests relevant to your publicly stated aims. You should have a stated policy in existence on equal opportunities, or have a commitment to improved practice. We may need to ask you for information about your financial situation and how long you have been operating.

  3. It must be based in England. If your organisation operates across the UK, your headquarters must be based in England.

  4. It should be properly constituted and its existence should not be time limited for a particular purpose.

  5. Organisations undertaking and/or affiliated to party political activity are not eligible for membership.

NCVO reserves the right to refuse membership to any organisation it believes to be ineligible. The decision of the executive committee will be final.


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NCVO also offers Corporate, Public sector and International membership.


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